COVID19 Portal

Our COVID-19 Crisis Portal has been launched in response to the Coronavirus global pandemic crisis. Our aim is to keep providing 24/7 support and services to vulnerable people in our community while keeping people up-to-date with the most current information, fact sheets and resources to stay socially connected while in physical isolation.

Mental Health & Wellness

Going into a period of physical distancing, self-isolation or quarantine may feel daunting or overwhelming and can contribute to feelings of helplessness and fear. Our team is here to help.

Resources for the Homeless

If you are at risk of becoming homeless or require urgent crisis intervention and prevention services, we are here to provide support, advice and access to services.

Useful Resources

Contact us on 02 9386 0770 for support, advise, or access to our (or interagency) services.

The link below has a list of organisations that can be reached for individual support.

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JH Kids & Family Resources

These resources and tools can help you plan and make decisions to protect you and your family during COVID-19.

JH Addiction Support Services

Connecting people with addictive behaviours to teams of professionals, and providing resources and support to their families as they care for their loved ones.

Physical Health & Wellness

During isolation, we often find that daily routines are drastically altered. One of the ways to bring back some form of normality can be through eating healthy and exercising. Useful resources

Useful Resources

IT Support & Advice

Having issues connecting virtually with friends and family? We've collaborated with a number of IT professionals to provide you with troubleshooting support.

Legal Advice

COVID19 has had dire impacts on the world’s economy. If you're having trouble with property owners or real estate agents and need advice on evictions, the services below offer free advice, information and help.

Jewish Resources & Information

Physical distancing can make you feel distant from your community. Use these guides to help you stay connected with ongoing Jewish tasks - prayers, Mikvah and candle lighting information and a directory of local synagogues.

Your Pets

We provide support and accommodation for pets of vulnerable people during their stay with us. In collaboration with our partners at Southern Cross Vets we've produced the most up-to-date information relating to your pets during COVID19.

Healthcare & Hygiene

We've put together a list of useful information and resources to help you stay safe and healthy. This includes up-to-date information, hygiene recommendations & more.