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JH kids (under 12 years)

JH kids, provides care coordination and advocacy that integrates strategies that will produce the greatest outcomes for children, within the dynamics of the family and the school, and ensure meaningful participation. Our service integration model is based on our successes with families in crisis for over 30 years. 

Our Scope

We focus on behaviour, learning and health with our 5 care areas:

Developmental bumps and wobbles Physical wellness and nutrition School progress and learning Relationships with others Trauma in childhood.

JH kids helps primary school children (under 12 years)

We integrate professional services with family members, school feedback and the child’s view to ensure the best of care with the challenges affecting the child’s well-being. The recommendations are incorporated into the child’s everyday life. Both the family and school are actively involved to optimize the benefits. Health, education and therapy services are guided and supported along the way for the best possible result.

First, we identify and understand the problems that your child is facing

In consultation with family members, school staff, doctors and therapists, our professionally trained staff gather as much information as possible about the child’s skills and challenges.  This analysis ensures that we fully understand the dynamics and difficulties observed by all. 

Next, we assess and prioritize your child’s needs, then get a game plan going

Our clinical team works out how the child and family function together and how the child engages at school and with friends. A game plan is developed, addressing challenges to optimise the best outcome.

The plan is presented to everyone: the family, child and school in a way that is easily understood. A central feature of the plan is small, achievable steps that progress towards desired and realistic goals.

Finally, we evaluate how your child is doing at home, at school and at play

We measure the results of every case against a national standard for children’s services, and measure bio- psycho-social outcomes of the family, the school and most importantly, the child. We strive for

successful outcomes as we believe every child and family deserves our individualized professional focus.

JH kids Team

Clinical Director

Dr Kieran Le Plastrier

MBBS (Hons) MPsych FACHI

Programme Manager

Dr Merrilyn Clancy


CEO Jewish House

Rabbi Mendel Kastel

JH kids 

Call Jewish House and ask for JH kids or send us an email

02 9386 0770 



Download the brochure:

Contact Us

17 Flood Street,Bondi,New South Wales,2026AUSTRALIA
+61 2 9386 0770
02 9387 7729
JH kids contact
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