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Make a bequest

A bequest to Jewish House is a lasting way to help us continue our vital work and support an increasing number and diversity of people through distressing periods and in turn help improve their quality of life. A gift in your will, no matter how big or small, can make a huge difference to the work we do.

When the time is right, we ask that you consider leaving a gift to Jewish House in your will. There are practical issues to consider when writing a will, so be sure to seek professional legal and financial advice. If you have already included Jewish House in your will, we would be grateful if you inform us so we can thank you and celebrate your contribution to the life changing work we do.

Jewish House recommends you obtain independent legal advice before making or modifying your Will. This will help to ensure that the wording used accurately and validly records your wishes. However, if you wish to support Jewish House through a bequest, please consider the following.

There are two ways of making a bequest under your Will:

(a) by leaving Jewish House a specific amount of money; or

(b) by leaving Jewish House a share of your estate (in other words, a share of what is left of your estate after payment of your debts and expenses and any specific gifts you have made).

If you require further information about making a bequest, please contact our CEO - Rabbi Mendel Kastel on (02) 9386 0770 or email to discuss your needs. 

Make a difference


  • Sponsor a Bed for a year: $25,000
  • Save and support 10 people in crisis: $10,000
  • Save and support a family of 4 in crisis: $4,000
  • Save and support 1 person in crisis: $1,000
  • Provide staff training for the 24/7 crisis line: $750
  • Provide crisis accommodation for 1 person for a week: $500
  • Support 3 crisis counseling sessions per year: $250

Your contribution and interest in our cause is sincerely valued. 

DONATE NOW or call Rabbi Mendel Kastel on (02) 9386 0770 or email to dicuss. 


Our corporate supporters

"All of us enjoy working on Jewish House projects
because we love being part of an effort to make a
positive difference to people’s lives. However the great
thing is that when you help others you help yourself.
Being honorary solicitors has meant that we are able
to meet a wide range of business people and this has
helped raise the profile of our growing business."

Harriet Warlow-Shill, Managing Partner, KWS Legal

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