The Team


The Team of the Jewish House are extremely dedicated to helping those in a crisis. Each member brings their unique specialised knowledge, making the organisation a dynamic and effective team.

Mendel Kastel

Rabbi Mendel Kastel OAM - Chief Executive Officer

Rabbi Mendel Kastel OAM has been providing Rabbinic expertise to the Sydney community for over 20 years. He has taken a particular interest in social welfare, and has been the driving force behind various youth and welfare organisations such as Point Zero, WAYS (Waverley Youth Service) and J Junction.

After 15 years of service at the Great Synagogue, Rabbi Kastel joined the Jewish House at the beginning of 2008. His efforts have seen the Jewish House grow and develop, becoming an expert provider of crisis services in the Sydney community.

Dr Kieran Le Plastrier - Clinical Director  

Dr Le Plastrier completed medical school as a surgical trainee, before discovering his passion for psychiatry. He served as president of the hospital residents’ society from 2007 to 2008. He has worked in exercise physiology research, completed a Masters of Psychiatry, worked as adjunct associate lecturer at the University of NSW, and is currently completing a doctoral degree at the University of Western Sydney School of Business.  His research focuses on evaluating the impact of the National Emergency Access Targets on the clinical encounter and productivity.  He is a director at one of Australia’s most prestigious poetry presses. 

Dr Le Plastrier’s practice is based on mindfulness of the joy and privilege of service to clients as a doctor, bearing witness to the enduring capacity of individuals and communities to remain resilient and find recovery from even the most traumatising of life experiences.

Michael Herman

Michael Herman - Psychologist

Michael Herman is a qualified psychologist who joined the Jewish House in 2009. Michael has had a long career in psychiatric rehabilitation which involved psychometric evaluation and treatment of patients with a wide spectrum of psychological and psychiatric disorders as well as conducting research. His additional expertise in treating perpetrators of violence is invaluable in treating victims of violent abuse who are often clients of the Jewish House. He is also responsible for conducting data analysis and research. This research is an important source of knowledge when planning and allocating resources and programs at Jewish House.


Dr Merrilyn Clancy - JH Kids Program Manager 

Dr Clancy’s career began in Australia in speech pathology, and continued in the USA (California & New York) with a focus on service delivery models that work for families.  She has worked in every health care setting imaginable, including research, universities, hospitals, private practice and schools. She is currently teaching at Macquarie University.

Dr Clancy’s goal for JH Kids is to build a care coordination service that brings together parents, teachers and caregivers, and actively build their capabilities for improved functional outcomes for children - at home, school and at play.

Hazel Mill

Hazel Mill - Administration Manager

Hazel Mill is the administration manager of Jewish House. Hazel is the first face of Jewish House, meeting with all clients and working with them to resolve their needs. Hazel joined the Jewish House in 2009 after many years of successfully being employed as Rabbi Kastel's secretary at the Great Synagogue. Hazel now takes responsibility for the efficient running of Jewish House which is no easy task since it is an organisation that runs 24/7, 365 days per year.



We have an incredible team of skilled and experienced Caseworkers who are on premises full-time.

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