Let's Talk Segment- Daily Insights for Lockdown with JH Kids

29 Jun 2021

Each day we will be posting a Daily Insight to support Families.

Daily Insight #1 Let's Talk about JH Kids Holiday Planner

Today we introduce our Daily Holiday Planner with safe and fun activities for your Primary Aged School Children that they can do without even leaving the house. We share our pick of the day activity from the planner. Have fun with it and let us know how you go. Click here for the JH Kids Daily Holiday Planner Week 1. 

Daily Insight # 2 Let's Talk about Mini Self Love Moments

Self care/love shouldn't be about running away from your daily life and escaping your reality. Self care should be something that we can implement daily, scattered throughout our day. When we invest in ourselves and see that investment as a need (and not a guilty pleasure) then we able to support the needs of those around us more effectively and holistically. Try for yourself. Set an alarm and when the alarm goes off check in with your list and show yourself some love.

To watch our video on how to create a Family Self Care List click here

Daily Insight #3 Let's Talk about Finding Something to Laugh About

When was the last time you had a big laugh? Did you know that laughter can calm an overworked nervous system in the same way that a big cry can? If you catch your kids early enough as they are getting upset, then a silly move or laughter can deescalate the situation in moments. Laughter is good for you and it feels so good. Can you purposely find something to laugh about today, and every day?  If you are looking for more specific information on the benefits of play every day check out our blog about play time click here.

Daily Insight #4 Let's Talk about a Check-In Challenge

Did you know that when you genuinely ask someone "How are you?" and actively listen to their response you help them to feel seen, heard and validated- a basic human need. Can you check in with three people today; one from your extended family, one who you would check in with anyway, and one who you wouldn't generally check in with? Can you encourage your children to do the same? The check in challenge is for every time you ask the question to someone else, ask yourself the same question and listen with the same curiosity and compassion. Please let us know how you go. To find out more about the importance of connecting time head to our blog, click here.

Daily Insight #5 Let's Talk about Talking to Yourself

Did you know that there is constant chatter in our minds. Sometimes we are aware of it, but often we are not. Can you tune into that voice and have a listen to what it's saying? Can you turn it into a dialogue where you challenge the negative talk with kinder and more supportive responses? Can you replace "if only you were better at...", "why can't you get it right", "you aren't capable" with "I can see how hard you're trying", "I'm proud of you", "one step at a time". Negative self-talk can run quite deep and can take a lot of work to challenge and turn around. Take it slow and the biggest step is increasing your awareness around it.

Daily Insight #6 Let's Talk about a Listening Mate

We have spoken about checking in with yourself, we have spoken about listening to your inner voice with compassion, but what happens when our big feelings overwhelm us? As children we would kick and scream as needed but we don't have the same opportunities as adults. This is where a Listening Mate comes in, a venting buddy. Can you pick up the phone and have a 5 minute vent with NO FILTER? Try it. You may find that you calm right down as you had the space to truly express those feelings. If you prefer you can write about your worries, anger, concerns in a journal. The key is that you are creating the space and time to feel it. To read more about the benefits of connecting time click hereTo read more about the benefits of understanding your inner world click here

Daily Insight #7 Let's Talk about Asking for Help

How do you feel about asking for help? How would you like your children to feel about asking for help? In this insight we speak about the challenges of asking for/accepting help and the benefits of doing so. Can we challenge the discourse around asking for help? There are times when we are up and there are times when we are down. It is the cycle of life. When you are facing a challenge head on, remember that the time will come when you are again giving, but now is your time to give through giving the opportunity for someone else to give- to you. It is not easy. Perhaps this insight can get you thinking more deeply about your relationship with getting help and that’s a great start!

Daily Insight #8 Let's Talk about Cutting Yourself Some Slack

What are your fall back coping mechanisms? What about for your children? Cheers to being real! Change is challenging. Looking inwards and facing fears that we haven’t faced since childhood can be hard on a good day, let alone during a lockdown. So cut yourselves some slack. We will all be relying on past coping mechanisms to face current stressors. Those mechanisms helped us in the past, even if they don’t serve us anymore. So be kind to yourself. Real change doesn’t happen overnight. Our hope is that through these Daily Insights you can build your awareness and knowledge about yourself and believe that you are in control and can challenge what no longer serves you.

Daily Insight #9 Let’s Talk about a Game Plan

A Stay at Home Order is one thing. Stay at Home Order + Distance Education is a whole new ball game. Some families thrive through it and others don’t. Perhaps you are a teacher and a parent, maybe you have a new born in tow, or not enough screens, or not enough head phones, or rooms etc.

So here are our five tips as you try to juggle the two: 1. Start your day with a Plan of Action 2. Be realistic 3. Compartmentalise 4. Have a Buffer Zone 5. Know when to Abort Mission. Mental Health is not just the absence of Mental Illness. Mental Health is an integral aspect of health and we want to invest in it. You’ve got this!

Daily Insight #10- Let's Talk about Celebrating Our Wins

Have you ever lay in bed at night and thought to yourself "wow, that was not a great day…" and then enters the niggling guilt that you could have, should have, would have done things differently if only...

Today we suggest that we flip things around and celebrate our wins. Throughout the day when something goes well for you or your child, can you pause and acknowledge it? It can be with a victory dance, or a pat on the shoulder or a small note or kiss. When we draw our focus to the positive aspects of our day, we bring meaning to them and we will become more aware of them in the future. This can lead to a positive mindset.

We would love to hear about your victorious moments in the comments below. 

Insight #11- Let's Talk about Overwhelmed VS. Overstimulated

There are moments when we feel irritable, wound up, and can’t focus easily. This can be for many reasons. Ask yourself, am I feeling OVERWHELMED or OVERSTIMULATED? They are actually two different experiences and require two very different responses. If we can recognise the differences for both ourselves and our children then we will be better equipped to respond appropriately and successfully reduce the stress load- which is what we aim to do in these moments. Happy to continue the conversation further- please get in touch! 

Insight #12 Let’s Talk about Checking Out

Perhaps you’ve been going full speed ahead- on top of everything, adrenaline pumping, somehow able to manage it all and do so effectively and efficiently. But every racing car needs to stop and refuel. If we heed the warning signs when our tank is low and take the time out that we need, then we are less likely to fall into a deeper slump when our petrol hits dangerously low levels. Can you schedule time to ‘Check Out’? Time to feel whatever it is you are feeling and to do whatever you want or need in that time for you. This is not the time to face your laundry pile, or your to do list or to quickly get in your online grocery shopping order. It is time to recharge, time to just be you. It sounds like a luxury, but it is a necessity. Give it a go and see if it helps to always keep some petrol in your tank. Remember that our kids need time to ‘Check Out’ as well and we can support them by giving them the time and space they need to feel through it. For more information about Downtime click here. For more information about Time-In click here.

Insight #13- Let's Talk about capturing the BEST moments in your day

Our day is comprised of moments. Moments of stress and laughter, moments of spilt milk and cracked eggs, meltdowns and moments of joy. When you look back at your day, what are the moments that stick out for you? The ones that were filled with connection and joy or the ones that leave you with a sour taste in your mouth?

Can you try to capture the moments of joy and connection and draw them out? Take a mental snapshot of the moment and take in all the sights, sounds, touch, smell and tastes that come with it. Maybe it’s your morning coffee, an afternoon walk or watching your children giggling together- whatever the moment is- if you are able to intentionally shine a spotlight on it, it is more likely to stick as a positive memory as you look back at this period in your life.

Insight #14 Let's Talk about a Family Chat

Today we share ideas on how to make a Family Chat work for everyone. We share discussion pointers specific to the Stay At Home Order. Consider slotting in a Family Chat once a week at a set time during these uncertain times. You can create a safe and inviting space for everyone under your roof to feel comfortable sharing their ideas, feelings, concerns and hopes. Some tips: 1. Think about the timing of your meeting. Choose a time when things are calm, tummies are full and family members aren't too tired. 2. Manage your expectations and your kids expectations of what a Family Chat looks like. 3. Create a makeshift microphone and pass it around. Whoever is holding it gets to do the talking. 4. Share the time- give everyone an opportunity to speak but don't force anyone to speak. 5. The feeling that we want our family to be left with is the knowledge that "we are a strong family unit. We have faced challenges in the past and overcome them and together we can face anything". Click here for more tips on connecting with your children. 

Insight #15 Let’s Talk about Promoting Hope

What is hope? How would you define it? What does a hopeful person look like? How can we promote hope within our children and ourselves? Have a think about these questions or discuss them as a family. Hope is active. It is the knowledge we have that things can be better and we can make them better. What are the practical steps that you are taking to achieve your goals? Hope should be realistic. We don’t want to give our children a false sense of hope but want to gauge what their thoughts are about something and practically support them. We can build hope by sharing hope through instilling it in others and there are hopeful affirmations that you can tell yourself. If hopelessness kicks in, pick up the phone and ask for support.

Click here for more tips on connecting with others through giving.