At JH Kids, our focus is on supporting children and their families. We offer a multidisciplinary team approach which provides individualised therapy sessions with social workers, occupational therapists and psychologists, as well as groups that focus on early intervention, building resistance and equipping children with skills to assist them in navigating life's journey. 


JH Kids offers Paediatric Occupational Therapy for children experiencing Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia, and genetic disorders. We work to improve function in activities such as writing, dressing, and other fine and gross motor skills. 

Our Psychology team can help your child with various social, emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties.

If your child is accessing the NDIS, our support coordinators can help you stay on track with achieving NDIS goals and accessing the right providers.

Our groups for children, as well as parents/carers, focus on early intervention, building resistance and equipping children with skills to assist them in navigating life's journey. 

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Peaceful Kids

Peaceful Kids

6 May - 24 Jun 2024


Peaceful Kids is an 8-week mindfulness and positive psychology-based program aimed at lessening anxiety and stress and increasing resilience in children.
Soul Drumming Playgroup

Soul Drumming Playgroup

23 May 2024


A fun, interactive drumming group aimed to develop listening, concentration, cooperation and self-awareness in 4–6 year olds.
Tiny Hands, Big Skills

Tiny Hands, Big Skills

8 Apr 2024


Prepare your preschooler for success with our Tiny Hands, Big Skills playgroup, led by experienced Occupational Therapists, focusing on crucial fine and gross motor skills as well as self-care and social development.


We've assembled a collection of Purim activities, stories and videos for you to enjoy with your family over the holiday. From printable masks, a delicious hamentashen recipe, craft activities, storytelling videos and explainer videos, we have everything you need to celebrate Purim. 

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The JH Kids Blog is where parents can join us in continuing education. Our blogs are written with busy parents in mind who either want to catch a quick tip on the go or delve deeper into parenting concepts. We have included real-life examples, tried and tested hacks and engaging questions. 

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Emma is an energetic, loyal and dedicated Occupational Therapist and Primary School Teacher who has gained her education at the Faculty of Allied Health and Education at the University of Sydney. She has a special interest in early intervention therapy for children with developmental difficulties and supporting their families. She is open and enthusiastic with her clients and makes sure that the sessions and groups are full of enjoyable activities to tap into the child’s goals and improve their skills.

Emma has gained over 9 years of experience at different therapeutic and school settings for both children and youth (4-18 years old) across the UK and within Australia. She has also worked as a Special Needs High School Teacher and an ECEI coordinator, where she conducted interventions, setting goals, ECEI plans and differentiating the NSW and UK curriculums.

Emma strongly believes in play-based and family-focused early intervention and aims to collaboratively work towards children’s goals by closely liaising with parents, school, other allied health professionals and external organisations. She thinks this is critical to optimise the children’s skill acquisition and generalisation. She also advocates at case conferences within the multidisciplinary team to further improve the program goals and therapy interpretation.


As an Occupational Therapist trained in the United Kingdom, Aisling brings a wealth of experience to her profession. With a diverse background, she has practised as an Occupational Therapist in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. Specializing in pediatric care, Aisling has worked across various settings, including community-based programs, schools, clinics, and in-home environments.

Throughout her career, Aisling has had the privilege of collaborating with children who encounter a broad spectrum of challenges encompassing physical, neurological, developmental, and mental health conditions. Her dedication is evident in the comprehensive Occupational Therapy interventions she delivers, aiming to enhance children's daily living skills, social aptitude, emotional regulation, fine and gross motor skills, and address sensory difficulties. Aisling's commitment to improving the lives of the children she works with underscores her passion for fostering holistic development.


Leeat is a passionate psychologist who works with children, adolescents, adults, and families. She offers a warm and compassionate approach and is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment. Leeat takes a collaborative approach to working with young people and works to empower families to support children and adolescents to face the challenges associated with growing up. She has experience working with a range of psychological and behavioural concerns and adopts an evidence-based approach to assessment and treatment. Using evidence-based psychological interventions to work with clients and families to help them develop, grow, and build skills which will help them through any challenges that they may face.

She has experience working within the NDIS environment. This includes experience with neurodiverse people, those with trauma experiences, anxiety, and low mood, as well as with persons who require behavioural support at home and in school.


Devorah is our Israel based Online Content Manager here at JH Kids. Devorah is a social worker, a mum of five and has over 20 years experience running informal education programs for kids. Devorah has a passion for working with children and values seeing the world through their eyes. Devorah believes in early intervention and empowering children to bring out their strengths and resilience from within. 

“Why wait for kids to present us with problems, let's equip them with the tools before they need them!"


The friendly team at JH Kids are here to support you through your parenting journey. Submit your queries here and we will reply to you privately.



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