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24/7 Crisis Line

JH operates a 24/7 phone service which offers support for people experiencing crisis, such as drug and alcohol addiction, suicidal thoughts, domestic violence and homelessness. 


Accommodation for clients seeking refuge from violent relationships, homelessness or any other circumstances that place them in a situation where they are without a home.


Our team of in-house expert counsellors & psychologists help people deal with the impact of past events, build coping skills necessary to make changes, reduce the risk of further episodes of homelessness and abuse and move towards achieving their goals. Our clinicians offer bulk billing, Victims services and NDIS for psychological assistance. 


Rabbi Kastel OAM is an experienced mediator, helpingg people to work through their issues and reach an agreement, even for the most complex of conflicts

JH Kids

Through education and play, our team helps build resilience, relationships and life skills with a coordinated strategy and plan, designed to deliver the best possible outcome for each child and their family. 

Avodah Jobs Project

An initiative helping securing employment for people in our local community who have recently lost their job as a result of COVID-19, and other personal crises. Through this project, clients receive access to JH in-house social workers and psychologists, professional career mentors, CV writing support, and interview skills. 

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Contact Monica, Avodah Jobs Project coordinator on

Chaplaincy & Hospital Visits

With our focus on prevention and early intervention, JH provides a range of pastoral care and support services to people in the local community, under the guidance of our CEO, Rabbi Mendel Kastel, OAM.

Rabbi Kastel provides pastoral services for the NSW Police force and carries out weekly hospital visits to people and their families, offering compassion and comfort in times of uncertainty. 

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Living Skills Programs

This program enhances life skills and builds resilience to empower people to navigate future crises. It includes our weekly healthy & budget cooking group, resilience and mindfulness workshops, healing through movement group, and addiction support and recovery workshops. 

Mend App

Download our innovative Mend App, designed to automate the process of connecting vulnerable, homeless people in Sydney with services and support. 

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COVID19 Portal

Alongside our everyday services, Jewish House has launched a COVID19 information and resource portal to support families and individuals during these challenging times.

JH COVID19 Portal

Addiction Support Services

Connecting people with addictive behaviours to teams of professionals, and providing resources and support to their families as they care for their loved ones. 

Shalva Healthy Relationships

The Shalva Healthy Relationships program focuses on preventing relationship breakdowns by improving communication, boundaries, expectations, respect and support in relationships for individuals and families. 

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For more information on this upcoming program, please email