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by DevorahTockar 26 Apr 2021

Hi everyone, It’s Devorah from JH Kids. I am so excited to introduce you to the themes section of our website.

What is a theme? Good question. A theme is a concept that is backed by research and theory that supports optimal health. We have chosen themes based on extensive research and experience. If we’ve included the theme- it means that it is certainly worth giving a try.

Who is our audience? Parents with children in Primary School (ages 5-11 and our examples and activities are geared towards this age group). We will also be sharing videos and activities for your kids.

Where? On our website, Facebook and Instagram so you can tune in from the comfort of your homes at any time. 

When? We will be introducing new themes all the time that will include an introductory video, blog, activities and challenges. We will also be offering virtual discussion groups (limited numbers) for those who would like to delve into the theme a bit deeper.

Why? We know the challenges that come with parenting. We have done the research and studied the theory and want this knowledge to be accessible to all! We want to raise children who have self-confidence and resilience, children who are emotionally aware and show compassion and empathy towards themselves and others, children who will grow to become the best version of themselves (and maybe as adults, we will grow too).

Here at JH Kids we are here to support you. Together we can manage the parenting highs and lows and keep our children in the center.

We want our children to thrive, not just survive!

So what’s next? Watch this space, follow our Facebook page, and Instagram, comment, ask questions and suggest future themes. We will do the research and address your concerns in our blog. If you are concerned about something as a parent, chances are that there are many other parents wondering the same thing!  

We are in this together. Join me in continuing our education.

Chat soon,

Devorah T

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