WEEKLY WORKSHOP - Movement for Growth Girls

Movement for Growth encourages girls to be creative, express their individuality and explore emotions they cannot verbalize through music and dance. The program promotes self-confidence, positive body image and connection to the whole self. This is a no-cost group.

Tue 12th Oct - Tue 30th Nov
4:00 pm


Movement For Growth is a music and dance program for Girls

The program aims to give girls a safe space to move their bodies,  feel free and express their individuality.


Promotes confidence and self-esteem

Promotes Positive body image

Increase Self-love and acceptance

Lessens symptoms of stress and anxiety

Lots of fun


Girls only

Day: Tuesday's 12/10/2021 - 30/11/2021 

Time: 4 PM - 4:45 PM

Location: ONLINE

Age: School-Aged Children

This is a no-cost group.