High Holidays with JH Kids

High Holidays

JH Kids is here to support you and your family. We have put together a collection of resources to help you celebrate the High Holidays during these unprecedented times. 

At JH Kids, we know that the High Holidays is a time for family and fun. Your children get to help out in the kitchen, making round challot, cuting up apples, or pouring sticky honey into delicious dishes. Families often prepare snack bags for synagogue during Yom Kippur and make decorations for the sukkah.

The High Holidays is also a busy time, and so we have compiled a bunch of resources for you and your children to enjoy, alone or together to get into the zone of the holiday period.

Shana Tova! Happy New Year! May it be filled with health and joy, connection and growth.  

Fun Activities for Kids

Run out of ideas for the High Holidays? Don’t worry, at JH Kids we have you covered. Check out these activities that you can do alone or as a family during this High Holiday season and enjoy!

Have fun with the games and activities in preparation for each festival and finish up before candle lighting of each festival so you can admire your crafts during Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah. 

High Holiday Activities

High Holiday Activities


Story and Activity Time for Kids

Insights for Parents