Toddler Language Online Program

10-Week Online program created for parents and toddlers offering parental training in early language simulation

Wed 6th Oct - Wed 15th Dec
9:30 am


This NDIS APPROVED Toddler Language Group, is a 10-week program that has been created due to the increased demand for parental training in early language stimulation. The group is based around direct play-based learning using strategies centred from the Hanen program, where 1-2 strategies are introduced each week, discussed in detail with the parents, trialled with the child (while a Speech Pathologist is present to provide support) and developed into home activities for that week. The program will help parents recognize their child’s stage and style of communication, what motivates them to interact, how to follow their child’s lead in play and aid parents to change the way they speak to their children so that they’ll understand and learn new words.

Dates: Wednesday 6th October - Wednesday 15th December

Time: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM 

Price $450 per person 

Bookings: Emma Levin