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Project Description

We open our door and 24/7-crisis line to members of the public in need

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JH Kids works with children aged 4 to 12 preparing for or attending primary school and who are experiencing challenges in learning, well-being, social-emotional or behavioural development.

JH Kids helps children build resilience with these challenges. JH Kids believes that it takes a village to raise a child, and so we work with everyone in the child’s ‘village.’ Our professional team uses a holistic approach that identifies the child’s strengths and builds capabilities in parents, siblings and other supporters (schools, grandparents, teachers). This technique of exploring the child’s strengths and building adult capabilities extends the benefits of the skills the child learns. A core theme of our program is to build skills intensely in the beginning, to help a child manage adversity later.

To connect with JH Kids contact our professional team on 02 9386 0770 or email us at jhkids@jewishhouse.org.au


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